VINTAGE means dated from an earlier period of time, but when it comes to interior design, it refers to old objects on which modern day designs are based on. This style of interior designs was birth after second world war, people worked with whatever was available to rebuild their destroyed homes. People try to mix and match materials, and they created warm and loving space.

COLOR usually were used in neutral and light tones with little focus on intensity. Primary color which are low-key, such as grey, sand, cream and beige. Color like pale blue or light pink used to add a bright, noble and calm effect to the living space.

FURNITURE usually are old or aged artificially are used in the design. Using natural materials such as wood, natural fabrics, and stone is remarkable to reflect trends of several years ago.

VINTAGE INTERIOR DESIGN is usually romantic, making use of flowing lines and elegant colors that bring the feeling of legacy. The design is usually simple and graceful, thus creating an atmosphere of relaxation and peace. It features abrasions and cracks, which give the atmosphere a comfortable look.


  • Furniture: only natural materials such as wood and upholstery fabrics are used.
  • Elements such as bronze fitting and wood carvings which are forged, are considered relevant.
  • Handles of wardrobe are usually carved.
  • Chairs and sofa with wooden frames usually have rounded carved legs.
  • Features a large dining table and a large bed.


  • Use well-made antiques
  • Make such antiques your focal point
  • Mix and match the right items